Sound Examples for Parameters with Musical Interpretations
by Rafael A. Irizarry
Department of Biostatistics, JHU
1 Stochastic Composition MP3 A pentatonic scale is used. The distance between notes is chosen using random outcomes from a Markov Chain. The states are big jump up, small jump up, no jump, small jump down, and big jump down. The transition probabilities are obtained by training on simple melodies. The rhythmic patterns are chosen at random from a library of patterns that fit with the base and percussion (which are playing deterministic patterns).
2 White Noise MP3 Notes chosen at random, and independently, from the C-scale following a uniform distribution. The spectrum of an IID process is constant (1/f^0)
3 Brown(ian) Noise MP3 Current note chosen at random between one step higher than previous note or one step lower with equal probability (a random walk). The periodogram of such a process is 1/f^2.
4 Pink Noise (1/f) MP3 A combination of the previous two, which force the spectrum to be 1/f^a with a close to 1.
5 Harmonic Instrument: Violin AIFF
6 Harmonic Instrument: Oboe AIFF
7 Harmonic Instrument: Guitar AIFF
8 Shakuhachi Flute AIFF The noise component is strong in this instrument.
9 Non-harmonic Instrument: Marimba AIFF
10 Non-harmonic Instrument: Timpani AIFF
11 Non-harmonic Instrument: Gong AIFF
11 Farinelli MP3 Excerpt from Farinelli sound track. Additive synthesis was used to morph the sounds of a counter tenor and a soprano.
12 Oboe playing vibrato and tremolo AIFF
13 Original sound: Oboe AIFF
14 Fitted sound: Oboe AIFF
15 Residuals: Oboe AIFF
16 Original sound: Violin AIFF
17 Fitted sound: Violin AIFF
18 Residuals: Violin AIFF
19 Original sound: Guitar AIFF
20 Fitted sound: Guitar AIFF
21 Residuals: Guitar AIFF
22 Original sound: Didjiridoo AIFF
23 Fitted sound: Didjiridoo AIFF
24 Residuals: Didjiridoo AIFF
25 Hidden Soprano AIFF At first you will hear an oboe. After about 0.5 seconds the even harmonics are featured and the hidden soprano can be heard.
26 Beginner's violin AIFF The residuals are amplified for a violin sound recorded from a professional to make it sound like a beginner.
26 David Brillinger's favorite song MP3

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